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Dog Diaries

Things I learned about Life from my Greyhounds

by Ron Powell

~~Always look as if you've been wronged. Often, the "offending" party will know it's a bluff, but you'll get extra treats anyway.

Use "big eyes" when you want something, have done something wrong or just need a finger put in your ear.

It's perfectly ok to lean on someone, hover over them, shove your head into their hands or simply crawl into their laps when you just need a little attention.

You get to decide how much attention that is, btw.

You should always make a huge fuss when you think it's time for dinner.

Naps are extremely tiresome and you should make sure to rest up after having one.

Sharing is not a privilege, it's a right.

Girl dogs have more tummy rubbing potential.

I can now fluently understand the subtle language of Greyhound ears. It's called expressing oneself Aurally.

You should have at least one bed in every room. You never know when you might be sleepy and it's a looooong way to the bed room from wherever it is that you currently are, including the bed room.

You don't have to make a sound for hours and still be extremely comforting.

There is no wrong way to serve peanut butter.

To really be there for someone sometimes means you will have to pick up their crap and deal with it. Not only does it remove a problem, it helps clear the path for the future.

The best spot on the couch is right next to someone you love.

If you really want to show someone you love them, learn what they cannot do for themselves and do it for them as well as you can.

Greyhounds aren't just dogs, they are a way of life!