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Dog Diaries

Magi, The Miracle Hound

by Ron Powell

~~Magi, The Miracle Hound

The fire broke out in the depths of the night,
with panic and mayhem the family took flight.
I ran past them all, with pain as my guide,
I ran through the door when it burst open wide.

I ran and I ran through the snow falling down,
I ran through the woods and away from the town.
Blinded by fear, I must get away.
I kept on running for what felt like all day.


The family all huddled to fend off the cold,
their spirits were shattered, the chill in their souls.
The fires consumed their house 'fore their eyes,
when one of the children suddenly cried,
and looked all around for beloved Magi.

"Mommy, oh Daddy, just where did he go,
he's lost and he's gone somewhere in the snow."
Mommy and Daddy and siblings looked 'round,
but their beloved Magi was nowhere to be found,
then fire trucks arrived, with sirens so loud.

The fire they fought, as it raged in the night.
Neighbors gathered 'round to offer what comfort they might.
some offered food and others a bed.
Coats were produced and from the scene they were led.
Friends hopped into cars and away they all sped.

For hours that night, once the fire was out,
the family and friends wandered here and about.
They shouted and called with frantic shrill cries,
they searched through the gloom and the lightening skies,
and all through the town rang the name of Magi.


The day dawned upon me, after a horrible night,
I took what warmth I could from early sun light.
I was lost and alone and try as I might,
I was hungry and lonely, and still full of fright.

I wandered and walked and searched all day long,
I missed them so much, I tried to stay strong.
The shadows they lengthened in evening's last sun,
I prayed and I hoped that my ordeal would be done.

I kept on going till it was dark once again,
the snow started falling, driven by wind.
Howling it was, but I was numb from the cold.
Shivering, shaking, the end seemed foretold.

My side hurt so fiercely, my spirits were low,
I couldn't carry on longer, I laid down in the snow.
The snow was my bed, and my covers too,
I'd no strength to stand, no will left to roo.

How long I lay still, I really don't know.
I'd long since stopped shivering, I was covered with snow.
To my left a Bridge beckoned all multi-hued,
green grass and warm breezes, I'd soon have to choose.

It looked so peaceful, with fields full of green,
rabbits to chase and beautiful streams.
Greyhounds galore, gamboled and played.
They stopped what they were doing and looked over my way.

Names like Murphy, Lad and Thunder Shain,
stood looking at me 'cross the sweet verdant plain.
Mad-Eye Moody, Throttle, Gracie and Allie,
along with Kelsey, Dora and Tiera in the valley,

Doc, Liddy, Lady, Sparks, Tucker and Zak,
reclined on the hill next to Black Jack.
Jupiter, Cooper, Lava and Max,
stood up from the spots where they had relaxed.

Tucker Doo, Bogey, Cj, and Chellie,
rolled on their backs and showed the sky their soft bellies.
Bert, Monica, Bruno and Cassey,
stood with Gussie and Kip, all looking classy.

Wisdom, Leah, Sammie and Pumpkin,
were next to the pond they'd previously jumped in.
I looked all round at the faces serene,
and suddenly longed for this joyous scene.

I felt strangely warm, with sleep closing in,
when a Stranger in red lifted up my poor chin.
Just when my eyes for the last time started to close,
the clouds parted then and a bright star arose.

"Dear, sweet Magi, it's your choice to make,
but please hear me out, for Christmas' sake.
I'll give you a guide and some hope for the night,
but it's up to you, dear, to continue this fight."

I drifted and thought, considered and weighed,
the pain to go on, the slumber if I stayed,
The Stranger in red, sat silently near,
strength to go on or an end without fear?

The smile on his face not once ever faded,
He stroked my poor head and I was persuaded.
Soldiering on was the hardest decision to make,
but I couldn't give up for my family's sake.

I got up from my spot in the deep drifting snow.
I shook and I sneezed and I watched the man go.
I looked at the star so bright in the sky,
I started to follow and I've no idea why.

I trudged on and on through the forest of trees,
I lumbered through snow that was up past my knees,
the clouds loomed and threatened to swallow the star,
but I pledged that I'd follow no matter how far.


A few hours earlier with gloomy, sad faces,
the family was gathered in neighborly places.
Fine clothes purchased quickly with neighborly gifts,
they cleaned and they dressed in somber, sad shifts.
Dad looked them over, such low spirits to lift.

"Let's go to the service, let's gather our faith,
we've searched long and hard and all over the place.
If Magi is out there, then we must all carry on,
none of us believe that Magi is gone.
We'll go to this service then I'll search until dawn."

With fatherly promise snuggled deep in their hearts,
they filed out to the warm, waiting cars.
Not one of them cared for the house that burned down,
with Magi alone they could only find frowns,
a sad, lonely procession to the far end of town.


Time lost its meaning, but the light from above,
kept shining and faithful when push came to shove.
I trudged up a hill in search of my guide,
what I saw when I got there made my eyes open wide.

The star blossomed brighter from over that Home,
the Cross so adorned, it glittered and shone.
The clouds parted 'round it and put it in frame,
I thought of my weakness and it put me to shame.

I looked on that House when the door opened wide.
I made my way towards it, thanks to my guide.
I stood at the base of the steps leading high,
I took one last rest before I started to climb.

I found throngs of people at the top of the stair,
All of them laughing and singing so fair.
I walked from the steps and in to the place,
silence fell quickly as I looked at each face.

The crowd parted 'round me only to reveal,
the family I'd lost and silence broken by squeals.
They ran over to me and hugged me so tight,
never before had I passed such a night.

In the thunderous ruckus that had commenced all about,
laughing, crying and such joyful shouts,
the man in the cloth started ringing the bell,
dozens of people at midnight then yelled.

I was carried by Dad and cried on by kids,
Mom was seen dabbing at her streaky eyelids.
Their friends gathered tight and I was passed all around,
loved and petted and called the Miracle Hound.

Dad called for silence and it was received.
He said the masses, "I always believed,
in the Power of Christmas, of Hope and this Place,"
he couldn't go on through the tears on his face.

A silent prayer was then offered, and serenity reigned,
Though my side was still burned, I no longer felt pain.
In the deep quiet blanket that covered the place,
I saw at the back a familiar face.

A streak of red all bounded by white,
he stole out the back door and into the night.
A deep hearty laugh bounced all 'round the Hall,
"Merry Christmas to Magi, Merry Christmas to All!"

Once home we collapsed from joy and from strain,
the fear and the sadness was gone that was plain.
The Bridge that I'd glimpsed earlier gleamed,
but so far away and only a dream.


Dawn broke upon them, and woke them from sleep,
Christmas begun but not one of them weeped,
though their home was lost, not one present was missed,
for Magi was safe and it was him that they kissed.

They laughed and they hugged and were happy enough,
they learned once again that Christmas was not about stuff.
The True Christmas Spirit was abundant all 'round,
setbacks forgotten because of the Miracle Hound.

Greyhounds aren't just dogs, they are a way of life!