Finding the Right Homes for Retired Hounds in the Delaware, Maryland, D.C., Virginia Area ...and Beyond!
Past Pictures of the Week

November 2014

Biker dogs unite! Bumblebee & Honey are all ready for Halloween! They're loved by the Martin family of Magnolia, DE.

Samson & Leo are just waiting for you to submit that application! They're not available for adoption but they have several friends that are! They're loved by the Buckingham family of Cockeysville, MD.

Tango says there's nothing like being showered with love by her human sister! She's loved by the Bayles family of Loma Linda, CA.

Yum... Thanksgiving is finally here & I get to eat one of these! Bumblebee is loved by the Martin family of Magnolia, DE.

Greyhounds aren't just dogs, they are a way of life!